Instrumental Ambient Music for Meditation & Relaxation


Instrumental Music Drifting into Bliss

is a collection of original music composed to be a perfect match for massage, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and other healing environments. The instrumental nature of this ambient music album is great as a background for relaxation and meditation.

Instrumental music album Drifting into Bliss has been well received by many and should be a welcomed addition to your own healing environment.

An instrumental music album is a musical recording without lyrics or singing. Instrumental music is very similar to ambient music although the latter might include some non-articulate vocal input. Drifting into Bliss is an ambient music album based on instrumental music principles in that there are no voices or singing and all music isĀ  exclusively produced by musical instruments, both electronic and acoustic. Drifting into Bliss came to life because of my training as recording engineer, my love of music, my experience as a massage therapist and my insights and understanding of psychoacoustics. I generously applied my education, my intuition and my expertise to forge, shape and morph musical instruments along with advanced modern technology to create an instrumental music album that blends both peace and transcendence into a genuine aural experience that is perfect for healing environments.