Instrumental Ambient Music for Meditation & Relaxation

About the Artist

Donovan Monroe - Composer of Drifting into Bliss Instrumental Ambient Music AlbumMy experience as a former massage therapist and my love of music are my main motivations for developing Drifting into Bliss. I had been in practice of massage for 17 years and have listened to hundreds of recordings during my therapeutic massage sessions. I reached a point where I was looking for something  different in my musical selection. This is when my desire to connect with my massage clientele on a completely new level gave rise to my ambition to apply my education as a recording engineer, my and experience as a musical artist, and my understanding of psychoacoustic dynamics to create an ambient musical experience for them. My desire to connect with the world to create a genuine healing space for all who listen is also my inspiration. My intention has always been to act as a guide for your subconscious, to give the healer for us and the healer within us a soundtrack for peace and transcendence thru the application of instrumental ambient massage music.

This album was an immense spiritual journey for me, to compose without ego and expectations proved to be a challenging process. I had no idea I was going to learn so much about myself through this adventure. As a seasoned therapist, with years of practice for internal peace, I am amazed at the amount of self doubt, and fear that arose. That is why this album took nearly two years to create. It was only when I found a place of purity that I was able to manifest what you now hold. When I hear it, I am filled with a sense of endearment. This is my gift to you. May it bring you peace on your journey through this wonderful world.