Instrumental Ambient Music for Meditation & Relaxation

About the Music

Ambient Music GardenDrifting into Bliss is a collection of original ambient music composed specifically for meditation, deep contemplation and various healing environments. The ambient music album is 70 minutes in length and moves gently from one passage to the next. There is very little demonstration of ego or any unnecessary showmanship in this body of work. I created this instrumental ambient music album with the soul intent of inspiring an atmosphere of quiet contemplation and internal exploration.  I developed Drifting into Bliss with two people in mind. For the practitioner who could benefit from having a guide to help set the tone through a therapy session. And, also for the client/patient who is yearning to be taken away from the confines and monotony of everyday life. This was not an easy task as a musician, after all, I am the artist and I should play what I want, right? Not quite the case or scenario for this particular series as I allowed my own meditation practice and spirit guide me thru creating the content of Drifting into Bliss. I worked to deconstruct my own preconceived notions about what I want to be and instead followed the rhythms of who I am as a healer. In this state, I was able to reach as close as possible to creating something that really is about guiding each person through a journey of their own subconscious.

This 70 minute CD is a perfect match for massage, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and other healing environments. The instrumental nature of the ambient music is also great as background music for relaxation, decompressing from stress and as a sleeping aide.

Ambient instrumental music for relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation and other healing environments.