Instrumental Ambient Music for Meditation & Relaxation

What is Ambient Music?

Instrumental Ambient Music Equipment and StudioAmbient is an electronic music genre which originated in the United Kingdom during the 1970′s. Ambient music stemmed from the experimental and synthesizer oriented styles of the era,¬† to create aural atmospheres for listeners that veered away from specific time codes or structure. Brian Eno is regarded as the grandfather of ambient music. He expanded the concept of background music by taking elements of environmental sounds and organic instrumentals and then blended or processed them thru the use of modern electronic instruments and/or devices. By reinterpreting what had already existed, he was able to create the signature style of ambient music.

As a genre, ambient music focuses on creating a mood or atmosphere through the orchestrations of analog and digital equipment. It is the fusion of live acoustic instruments and modern technology that allows for the special and unique sound of ambient music, which often lacks the presence of any net composition, beat, or structured melody. Due to its relatively open style, ambient music often takes influences from many other genres and even more notably culls inspiration from pure emotion. In essence, the term ambient music is best described as any form of acoustic or electronic music which emphasizes sonic atmospheres and tones over songwriting, composition or strict structure.

Drifting into Bliss is an ambient music album that is highly conceptual and experimental in style and is very capable of evoking a dreamlike state. The sounds and tones of the instrumental ambient music album will inspire thoughts that are both cognitively atmospheric in nature and visually inspiring in perception.