Instrumental Ambient Music for Meditation & Relaxation


I often buy music for my practice based on the first song, only to listen to the whole album and find that there are parts that just don’t work. You can trust “Drifting into Bliss” to be a complete experience that moves from one piece to the next with grace and ease.

– Emden Griffin, LMT

The visions I have when listening to this album are amazing. It’s a beautiful work of art.

– Debra McC, Client

Drifting into Bliss is an unfolding journey towards the return of self, and a return to peace – it’s a musical calling to come back home.

– Luna Spellman, LMT

I don’t just listen to this album, I feel it. It brings me a great sense of peace. Over the past few weeks I have used it to fall asleep. I have difficulty getting to sleep but when I listen to Drifting, I am often asleep before the second or third songs. I awake well rested and centered. It’s a benefit I didn’t realize when initially purchasing this album. Well done!

– Doris M, Client

I am really impressed with the tones and sounds that Donovan was able to create for this album. I have used it all day long in my practice and I can feel the effect it has on my clients.

– Jay Alvaro, LMT, Musician